Rumor Control: Heated Halle Bailey Addresses Allegations She Has A ‘Pregnancy Nose’–‘Leave Me The Hell Alone!’

Rumor Control: Heated Halle Bailey Addresses Allegations She Has A ‘Pregnancy Nose’–‘Leave Me The Hell Alone!’

The actress that starred in The Little Mermaid was recently a little pissed when a fan thought they spotted a telltale sign of her being with child. “Leave me the hell alone!” said the bothered Bailey sister who fans can’t quit questioning her about a possible pregnancy.

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Amid ongoing speculation that she’s expecting with her boyfriend DDG, Halle Bailey took a moment out of her busy day to address the comments and rumors via her Snapchat Story.

“If I see one more person say something about my nose one more time, it’s gonna be hell to pay! And you know why? Cause I am black. I love my nose. What are you concerned about my nose for? Leave me the hell alone!”

Halle clearly meant every word however, fans noticed she only recorded the video from neck up and also avoided the pregnancy speculation.

“Normally I mind my business but sis you can’t even breathe to get the words out at this point. That baby sitting HEAVYYYY. Lol love and support still 💗💗💗 but stop playing in our face and keep your face out of our face and we won’t say nothing,” one fan wrote.

“Her addressing the nose but not the pregnancy part tells me everything I need to know,” another fan commented.

Speculation about a possible pregnancy began back in August when Halle made a brief appearance in one of her boyfriend’s livestreams. The rumors and drama spilled into September when fans accused her of trying to hide a bump by wearing a flowy dress, as opposed to her usual choice of clothing to the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

Her big sis, Chloe Bailey, also previously stepped in to remind fans that she doesn’t play about her family. She did not however deny that her sister was with child.

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“Y’all better keep my sister’s name out your mouth! Thank you. Amen, hallelujah,” she said at the time. “Bout to get me riled the hell up. Anyways…”

In response to someone offscreen saying, “We don’t play about Halle,” Chloe added, “No. Like, what the heck? Period.”

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As we previously reported, the pregnancy rumors hit a fever pitch in October when Halle was spotted running errands in Santa Monica with her boo while rocking a pair of sweats and a super oversized hoodie that seemed to have a bump underneath.

Most recently SnapChat sleuths thought they spotted Halle’s baby bump during a recent vacation she took with her boo. Many also speculated that the vacay was actually a baby moon ahead of their alleged child’s arrival.

Halle is well aware of the baby moon rumors and she recently shared a new photo dump with her lower half completely hidden in a pool.

“minding my business…wbu? 😇🌴✨,”she captioned the pics to hint to fans to follow suit.

Halle, 23, has let it be known that her relationship with DDG, 26, is her first “real real” love and the duo has been going strong since January 2022. Only time will tell if they’re indeed expecting a little bundle of joy and if so, congratulations in advance!

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