Is Nvidia’s Soaring Stock Hitting its Peak?

Is Nvidia's Soaring Stock Hitting its Peak?

Nvidia’s stock may have peaked despite tripling revenue in its third quarter, leading to a 1.7% drop in after-hours trading. Investors are concerned about whether the company can sustain such high growth.

  • Q3 revenue up 206% to $18.12 billion, surpassing analysts’ consensus
  • Q3 adjusted earnings per share up 46% to $4.02 per share
  • Q4 revenue guidance of 231% growth to $20 billion, falling short of the highest forecast
  • Uncertainty about China revenue due to export controls imposed by the Biden administration

Why Nvidia Stock May Have Peaked — And What Investors Can Learn From Zoom

The outstanding performance of Nvidia in its 2023 third quarter fiscal report has raised concerns among investors about the sustainability of its growth. The company exceeded revenue and earnings expectations, but uncertainty about its China revenue and export controls have led to apprehensions.

Nvidia’s Exceptional Financial Performance

The company’s third-quarter revenue and earnings exceeded analyst consensus, but its fourth-quarter guidance fell short of the highest forecast, leading to concerns about sustainability. Additionally, export controls and uncertainty about China revenue have added to investor apprehensions.

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