Remote Control Clash Escalates: Woman Stabs Man Over TV Dispute

Remote Control Clash Escalates: Woman Stabs Man Over TV Dispute

A seemingly ordinary disagreement over the TV remote control turned into a violent altercation in Pittsburgh, as Michelle Robinson, 57, allegedly stabbed a man in the hand.

The Dispute Unfolds

The victim reported to the police that Robinson was withholding the remote control in her bag at their Pittsburgh home. Despite multiple requests, he claimed she refused to hand it over. The situation escalated when, after the third request, Robinson reportedly produced a knife, stabbing the man in the hand, as outlined in court documents obtained by local broadcaster WTAE.

Conflicting Statements

Initially, Robinson told the police that the victim had stabbed himself. However, as the investigation progressed, she changed her story, asserting that the victim had assaulted her. The police, however, noted a “spontaneous utterance” from Robinson, admitting to stabbing the victim, as reported by WTAE.

Dueling Entertainment Preferences

In a bizarre twist to the incident, Robinson informed the police that the dispute arose from a clash of entertainment preferences. The man wanted to watch football, while she desired to listen to music, adding an unexpected layer to the unfolding drama.

Legal Consequences

Michelle Robinson now faces charges of aggravated assault in connection with the remote control dispute turned violent. The court will delve into the conflicting statements and evidence to determine the true nature of the incident.

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