Celebrating Today’s Famous Birthdays: 20th November – A Tribute to Remarkable Individuals

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Celebrating Today’s Famous Birthdays: 20th November – A Tribute to Remarkable Individuals

Welcome, dear readers! It brings me great joy to present a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable individuals born on this significant date. Today, we commemorate the birth anniversary of a diverse array of extraordinary personalities who have left an indelible mark on the world.

Year Person
1495 John Bale, English bishop and historian (d. 1563)
1567 Anne de Xainctonge, French saint, founded the Society of the Sisters of Saint Ursula of the Blessed Virgin (d. 1621)
1631 Catharina Questiers, Dutch poet (d. 1669)
1692 Carlo Innocenzo Frugoni, Italian poet and academic (d. 1768)
1694 Voltaire, French historian, playwright, and philosopher (d. 1778)
1718 Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg, German composer, critic, and theorist (d. 1795)
1729 Josiah Bartlett, American physician and politician, 6th Governor of New Hampshire (d. 1795)
1737 José Antonio Alzate y Ramírez, Spanish-Mexican scientist and cartographer (d. 1799)
1760 Joseph Plumb Martin, American sergeant (d. 1850)
1768 Friedrich Schleiermacher, German theologian, philosopher, and scholar (d. 1834)
1785 William Beaumont, American surgeon, “Father of Gastric Physiology” (d. 1853)
1787 Samuel Cunard, Canadian businessman, founded the Cunard Line (d. 1865)
1811 Zeng Guofan, Chinese general and politician, Viceroy of Liangjiang (d. 1872)
1818 Lewis H. Morgan, American lawyer, anthropologist, and theorist (d. 1881)
1835 Hetty Green, American businesswoman and financier (d. 1916)
1840 Victoria, Princess Royal of England (d. 1901)
1851 Désiré-Joseph Mercier, Belgian cardinal and theologian (d. 1926)
1852 Francisco Tárrega, Spanish guitarist and composer (d. 1909)
1853 Hussein Kamel of Egypt (d. 1917)
1854 Pope Benedict XV (d. 1922)
1866 Sigbjørn Obstfelder, Norwegian poet and author (d. 1900)
1866 Konishiki Yasokichi I, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 17th Yokozuna (d. 1914)
1870 Alexander Berkman, Lithuanian-American activist and author (d. 1936)
1870 Joe Darling, Australian cricketer and politician (d. 1946)
1870 Stanley Jackson, English cricketer and politician (d. 1947)
1876 Olav Duun, Norwegian author and educator (d. 1939)
1877 Sigfrid Karg-Elert, German composer and educator (d. 1933)
1878 Gustav Radbruch, German lawyer and politician, German Minister of Justice (d. 1949)
1886 Harold Nicolson, English author and politician (d. 1968)
1894 Cecil M. Harden, American politician (d. 1984)
1897 Mollie Steimer, Russian-American activist (d. 1980)
1898 René Magritte, Belgian painter (d. 1967)
1899 Jobyna Ralston, American actress (d. 1967)
1899 Harekrushna Mahatab, Indian journalist and politician, 1st Chief Minister of Odisha (d. 1987)
1902 Foster Hewitt, Canadian sportscaster (d. 1985)
1902 Isaac Bashevis Singer, Polish-American novelist and short story writer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1991)
1902 Mikhail Suslov, Russian soldier, economist, and politician (d. 1982)
1904 Coleman Hawkins, American saxophonist and clarinet player (d. 1969)
1908 Leo Politi, Italian-American author and illustrator (d. 1996)
1908 Elizabeth George Speare, American author and educator (d. 1994)
1912 Eleanor Powell, American actress and dancer (d. 1982)
1913 John Boulting, English director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1985)
1913 Roy Boulting, English director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2001)
1913 Gunnar Kangro, Estonian mathematician, author, and academic (d. 1975)
1914 Nusret Fişek, Turkish physician and politician, Turkish Minister of Health (d. 1990)
1914 Henri Laborit, French physician and philosopher (d. 1995)
1915 Norm Smith, Australian footballer and coach (d. 1973)
1916 Sid Luckman, American football player and soldier (d. 1998)
1919 Paul Bogart, American director and producer (d. 2012)
1920 Ralph Meeker, American actor (d. 1988)
1920 Stan Musial, American baseball player and manager (d. 2013)
1921 Donald Sheldon, American pilot (d. 1975)
1922 Abe Lemons, American basketball player and coach (d. 2002)
1924 Joseph Campanella, American actor
1924 Milka Planinc, Yugoslav politician, 28th Prime Minister of Yugoslavia (d. 2010)
1924 Christopher Tolkien, English author and academic
1925 Veljko Kadijević, Croatian general and politician, 5th Federal Secretary of People’s Defence (d. 2014)
1926 William Wakefield Baum, American cardinal (d. 2015)
1927 Georgia Frontiere, American businesswoman (d. 2008)
1929 Marilyn French, American author and academic (d. 2009)
1929 Laurier LaPierre, Canadian historian, journalist, and politician (d. 2012)
1930 Marjan Rožanc, Slovenian journalist, author, and playwright (d. 1990)
1931 Lewis Binford, American archaeologist and academic (d. 2011)
1931 Revaz Dogonadze, Georgian chemist and physicist (d. 1985)
1931 Stanley Kalms, Baron Kalms, English businessman
1931 Malcolm Williamson, Australian pianist and composer (d. 2003)
1932 Beryl Bainbridge, English author and screenwriter (d. 2010)
1932 Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Danish composer
1933 Henry Hartsfield, American colonel, pilot, and astronaut (d. 2014)
1933 Etta Zuber Falconer, American educator and mathematician (d. 2002)
1934 Laurence Luckinbill, American actor, director, and playwright
1934 Peter Philpott, Australian cricketer
1936 Victor Chang, Chinese-Australian surgeon (d. 1991)
1937 Ingrid Pitt, Polish-English actress (d. 2010)
1937 Marlo Thomas, American actress, producer, and activist
1939 R. Budd Dwyer, American educator and politician, 30th Treasurer of Pennsylvania (d. 1987)
1940 Freddy Beras-Goico, Dominican comedian and television host (d. 2010)
1940 Dr. John, American singer-songwriter and pianist
1940 Richard Marcinko, American commander and author
1940 Natalia Makarova, Russian ballerina, choreographer, and actress
1941 Juliet Mills, English-American actress
1941 David Porter, American songwriter, musician, and producer
1942 Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, German educator and politician
1943 Phil Bredesen, American businessman and politician, 48th Governor of Tennessee
1943 Jacques Laffite, French race car driver and sportscaster
1944 Dick Durbin, American lawyer and politician
1944 Earl Monroe, American basketball player and sportscaster
1944 Harold Ramis, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2014)
1945 Goldie Hawn, American actress, singer, and producer
1948 Michel Suleiman, Lebanese general and politician, 16th President of Lebanon
1948 George Zimmer, American businessman, founded Men’s Wearhouse
1950 Hisham Barakat, Egyptian lawyer and judge (d. 2015)
1952 Mervyn Davies, Baron Davies of Abersoch, Welsh banker and politician
1952 Janne Kristiansen, Norwegian lawyer and jurist
1952 Lorna Luft, American actress and singer
1953 Tina Brown, English-American journalist and author
1954 Fiona Pitt-Kethley, English journalist, author, and poet
1955 Peter Koppes, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist
1955 Cedric Maxwell, American basketball player, coach, and sportscaster
1955 Glenn Ridge, Australian radio and television host and producer
1956 Cherry Jones, American actress
1959 Sergei Ratnikov, Estonian footballer and manager
1960 Mark Bailey, English rugby player, author, and educator
1960 Brian McNamara, American actor, director, and producer
1960 Brian Ritchie, American bass player and songwriter
1961 João Domingos Pinto, Portuguese footballer and manager
1963 Dave Molyneux, Manx motorcycle racer
1963 Nicollette Sheridan, English actress
1964 Shane Douglas, American wrestler and manager
1964 Charles Dunstone, English businessman, co-founded Carphone Warehouse
1964 Olden Polynice, Haitian-American basketball player and coach
1964 Stefan Sonnenfeld, American businessman, co-founded Company 3
1965 Björk, Icelandic singer-songwriter
1965 Reggie Lewis, American basketball player (d. 1993)
1966 Troy Aikman, American football player and sportscaster
1966 Evgeny Bareev, Russian chess player and coach
1966 Thanasis Kolitsidakis, Greek footballer
1967 Ken Block, American race car driver
1967 Tripp Cromer, American baseball player
1967 Toshihiko Koga, Japanese martial artist
1968 Andrew Caddick, New Zealand-English cricketer
1968 Alex James, English singer-songwriter, bass player
1968 Antonio Tarver, American boxer, sportscaster, and actor
1969 Ken Griffey Jr., American baseball player and actor
1970 Karen Davila, Filipino journalist
1970 Justin Langer, Australian cricketer and coach
1971 Michael Strahan, American football player, actor, and talk show host
1972 Rich Johnston, English author and critic
1972 Rain Phoenix, American actress and singer
1976 Saleem Elahi, Pakistani cricketer
1976 Martin Meichelbeck, German footballer
1976 Daniel Whiston, English figure skater
1976 Michael Wilson, Australian footballer
1977 Yolande James, Canadian lawyer and politician
1977 Jonas Jennings, American football player
1978 Daniel Bradshaw, Australian footballer
1978 Lucía Jiménez, Spanish actress and singer
1979 Vincenzo Iaquinta, Italian footballer
1979 Stromile Swift, American basketball player
1979 Alex Tanguay, Canadian ice hockey player
1980 Hank Blalock, American baseball player
1980 Alec Brownstein, American author and director
1980 Leonardo González, Costa Rican footballer
1981 Wesley Britt, American football player
1981 Ainārs Kovals, Latvian javelin thrower
1981 Jonny Magallón, Mexican footballer
1982 Ioana Ciolacu, Romanian fashion designer
1982 Georgios Kalogiannidis, Greek archer
1983 Jamie Langley, English rugby player
1984 Álvaro Bautista, Spanish motorcycle racer
1984 Jena Malone, American actress and singer
1985 Carly Rae Jepsen, Canadian singer-songwriter and actress
1985 Jesús Navas, Spanish footballer
1985 Nicola Silvestri, Italian footballer
1986 Colleen Ballinger, American comedian, actress, and singer
1986 Ben Bishop, American ice hockey player
1986 Kristof Goddaert, Belgian cyclist (d. 2014)
1987 Stefan Glarner, Swiss footballer
1987 Eesha Karavade, Indian chess player
1988 Len Väljas, Canadian skier
1988 Preston Zimmerman, American soccer player
1989 Will Buckley, English footballer
1989 Dárvin Chávez, Mexican footballer
1989 Justin Tucker, American football player
1989 Fabian Delph, English footballer
1990 Dani King, English cyclist
1990 Georgie Twigg, English field hockey player
1991 Almaz Ayana, Ethiopian sprinter
1991 Lewis Dunk, English footballer
1991 Peni Terepo, New Zealand rugby league player
1992 Conor Maynard, English singer-songwriter

As we come to the end of this tribute to today’s famous birthdays, let us carry forward the inspiration and lessons gleaned from these exceptional individuals. Their journeys remind us that with determination, passion, and resilience, we can leave our own unique imprint on the world. May their stories serve as a guiding light, igniting the spark within each of us to pursue greatness and make a positive impact.

Stay tuned for more insightful posts dedicated to celebrating the lives and contributions of notable personalities. Their stories continue to resonate and inspire, shaping the course of history and leaving an unforgettable legacy for generations to come. Until next time, may the spirit of these extraordinary individuals continue to guide and inspire you on your own remarkable journey.

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