Violent Teen Who Viciously Attacked Teacher Pleads Guilty, Faces Decades Behind Bars

Brendan Depa pleaded guilty to felony assault Monday.

That monster of a teen who ruthlessly beat a poor defenseless teacher in Florida has finally pleaded guilty to his despicable crime. This angry, hulking teen named Brendan Depa violently threw the innocent teacher Joan Naydich to the ground before furiously kicking and punching her over a dozen times.

This evil teen who stands at 6-foot-6 maliciously knocked the teacher unconscious in the brutal February attack at Matanzas High School. Surveillance footage captured the vicious teen’s appalling assault on the helpless teacher who had simply confiscated his Nintendo Switch game.

The viral beating was captured on school cameras.

Depa mercilessly continued striking the vulnerable teacher even after she lost consciousness. This vicious attack was utterly unprovoked and shocking in its brutality.

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The violent teen has reportedly blamed his autism, but there is no excuse for this level of savagery. He has destroyed this teacher’s life and traumatized the entire school community.

Now after months of delay, the angry teen has finally admitted his guilt. But he may escape true justice, with a lenient judge having discretion over his sentencing in January. The maximum would be 30 years behind bars – but this violent offender could even face just probation.

The teacher has declined to argue for a lighter sentence – she wants justice against the vicious teen who changed her life forever. Prosecutors must push for the harshest punishment allowed for this angry, dangerous teen.

After the trauma inflicted on the innocent teacher, the community demands that this teen face consequences for his vicious beating. The violence committed by this angry teen cannot go unpunished.

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