Lost finger tip

Lost part of finger in childhood accident when grandfather shut car door on his hand

Journalist mother

His mother Suzanne was a journalist and press secretary to Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau.

Dated actresses

Julia Robert

 Lizzy Caplan

Lauren Graham

Tennis player

He was a top-ranked junior tennis player but not good enough to go pro.

Recovery champion

Honored by White House for opening sober living home The Perry House.

Knew Friends script

He knew the Friends pilot by heart before auditioning, having helped a friend practice.

Addiction struggle

Battled drug and alcohol addiction before Friends, arriving on set with hangovers.

Allowed to help write

He was the only cast member allowed to help the writers with jokes and lines.

Emmy nomination

Nominated for Emmys for Friends in 2002 but lost to Ray Romano.

Sent People cover to teacher

Sent People cover to teacher who said he'd never achieve anything.