Lewiston attack:  Biden consoles Maine families 

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Mass shooting at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston, Maine left 18 dead and 13 injured. The attack was carried out by 40-year-old Army reservist Robert Card.

President Biden visited Maine to meet with community members affected by the shooting. He called for a ban on assault-style rifles, though such a measure failed before.

Biden argued the attack should motivate Congress to pass new gun laws, saying  "this is about protecting our freedom."

The victims included a grandfather, a young bowler, and members of a deaf cornhole team. The shooting was the worst in Maine's history.

Card was found dead by suicide after a 3-day manhunt. Officials are investigating how he legally obtained weapons despite mental health warnings.

Biden also called for allowing gun manufacturers to be sued over shootings, which Republicans oppose. Pro-gun activists criticized his Maine trip online.

The shooting began at a bowling alley hosting leagues, then moved to a nearby bar hosting a cornhole tournament.

Maine's governor thanked Biden for his support after the tragedy. Locals are slowly returning to normalcy but recognize the gravity.

On Thursday, many in Lewiston attended a high school football game, seen as symbolic of the community's resilience and perseverance.

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