‘Wicked City’ Season 2 Exclusive Clip: The Ladies Agree To Go After Julius

A spooky series is back and we’re giving you a look at five Black witches and their coven.

After spellbinding ALLBLK audiences in season one, Wicked City’s sophomore season explores what happens three months after the crew fails to stop a magical slaver named The Handler (Karon Joseph Riley, Ambitions), as members of the Atlanta coven find themselves broken and separated.

Wicked City Season 2

Source: Wicked City / ALLBLK

A press release reports that Jordan (Shaquita Smith, The Couch) has taken the reigns and she’s running The Mystic Haven but she and Angela (Chantal Maurice, P-Valley) have tried and failed to find Sherise (Chanel Mack, The Harder They Fall) who’s being held captive by The Handler.

Mona (Mercedez McDowell, The Resident) has moved away, and Camille (Taylor Polidore, Snowfall) is put in permanent hiding by her birth mother, Claudette (Rhonda Redette Morman, Hush). Unbeknownst to the coven, Tabitha (Vanessa Bell Calloway, Shameless) and Caden (Malika Blessing, The Perfect Man) are trapped inside a nightmare realm as Claudette exacts her revenge. Meanwhile, Sherise is forced to do The Handler’s bidding at his high-class magical supper club “Obsidian Dream.”

Additional cast of Wicked City season 2 includes some familiar faces and familiar names including India Marie Cross (It Wasn’t Me), Yandy Smith-Harris (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta), Gary Anthony Sturgis (Diary of a Mad Black Woman), Samantha James (Black and Blue), Kamilah Meek (Young Rock), Kurtis D. Glenn (The Assistant 3), Clover J. Adams (Taylor’s Diary), Maurice P. Kerry (Atlanta), Krystal Monique Mosley (Dhoom 3), Michael Silberblatt (Hawkeye), Marco Reese Maldonado (A Killer Romance), Carrie Anne Hunt (Magic Mike XXL), Michael M. Jones (P. Valley) and Sasha McKoon.

‘Wicked City’ Season 2 Clip

In an exclusive clip, we see Sherise and Camille making a pact to fight against Julius and his evil ways.

“The handle’s untrustworthy, but this Julius dude? Way worse,” says Sherise. “The handler has a plan but we got to get all of us together or ain’t none of us making it outta here alive.”

Wicked City
is now streaming on ALLBLK.

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