Former British PM Cameron Returns as Foreign Secretary in Major Government Shakeup

Former British PM Cameron Returns as Foreign Secretary in Major Government Shakeup

In a shocking political comeback, former British Prime Minister David Cameron was appointed as the new Foreign Secretary on Monday in a major Cabinet reshuffle by current PM Rishi Sunak. Cameron, who led the UK government between 2010-2016, replaced James Cleverly as head of the Foreign Office.

The reshuffle also saw the high-profile sacking of Home Secretary Suella Braverman, a divisive figure who had recently drawn controversy for accusing police of being too lenient with pro-Palestinian protesters.

David Cameron’s Surprise Appointment as Foreign Secretary

Cameron’s appointment came as a big surprise to political observers. It is uncommon for a non-lawmaker to take on a senior government role, and it has been decades since a former prime minister held a Cabinet position.

The 57-year old Cameron said the UK faces “daunting” foreign policy challenges, including the Ukraine war and Middle East crisis. He expressed hope that his experience as Conservative leader and prime minister would help address these issues.

As a key leader of the successful “Vote Leave” campaign in the 2016 Brexit referendum, Cameron’s return may inflame tensions among the pro-Brexit wing of the Conservative Party. Current PM Sunak was also a strong Brexit supporter.

Braverman Fired as Home Secretary Over Controversial Remarks

The firing of Suella Braverman came amidst growing calls for her dismissal over inflammatory remarks about the police and anti-Israel protesters. Last week, she accused the London police of being too soft on “pro-Palestinian mobs” demonstrating against the Gaza crisis.

Her comments were seen as worsening religious tensions during protests between far-right groups and a large pro-Palestinian march in London on Saturday.

Braverman a Rising Star of Tory Right-Wing

The 43-year old Braverman was increasingly seen as a standard-bearer for the populist right-wing of the Conservatives. As Home Secretary, she pushed for tougher restrictions on immigration and harsher security laws.

She advocated strongly for the government’s controversial plan to send asylum seekers arriving illegally in the UK to Rwanda. A crucial Supreme Court decision on the policy’s legality is imminent.

Some suggest Braverman was positioning herself as a potential contender to replace Sunak, amid forecasts of a Conservative defeat in elections next year. Her sudden exit will appease moderates but enrage the Tory right-wing.

Cabinet Shakeup Aims to Reset Sunak’s Government

Sunak seems to be using the dramatic reshuffle to reset his troubled government after months of poor polling, a souring economy, and widespread strikes.

Last month, he vowed to break the status quo and inertia that defined the Conservative governments of the last 30 years. This included Cameron’s tenure as prime minister.

Cameron Comeback Highlights Tory Desperation

Cameron’s surprise appointment also lays bare the desperation within the flailing Sunak government, according to experts. It’s a move seen as disproportionate to any value the former leader may bring.

“It’s difficult to believe this will impress voters, whether convinced Brexiteers or remainers who despise Cameron over the Brexit referendum,” said politics professor Tim Bale of Queen Mary University.

But as a former PM, Cameron does bolster the government’s diplomatic influence and provides a distraction from Braverman’s controversial dismissal.

Overall, the dramatic reshuffle highlights the turmoil, ideological tensions, and uncertainty facing PM Sunak as he tries to revive Conservative fortunes headed into difficult elections.

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