Storm Ciaran – Dozens of Flood Warnings Remain in England After Days of Heavy Rain

Dozens of Flood Warnings Remain in England After Days of Heavy Rain

Flood Warnings Across England After Storm Ciaran Downpours

Days after Storm Ciaran drenched parts of the UK, over 40 flood warnings remain active in England on Sunday morning. The south coast was hit hardest amid concern that heavy rains fell on already saturated ground.

41 Warnings Where Flooding Expected

The Environment Agency currently has 41 flood warnings in place, meaning flooding is expected and immediate action is required. These are concentrated along coastal areas from Weymouth to Bexhill.

An additional 159 flood alerts are active where flooding is possible. Only the North West and far North East of England are currently unaffected.

South Coast Bore Brunt of Storm

The south coast saw the worst impacts from Storm Ciaran last Thursday. Strong winds and heavy rain battered Kent, Hampshire, Sussex, Devon and Cornwall.

Ciaran brought gusts over 100 mph in the Channel Islands, leaving 150,000 homes without power. Ferries were cancelled, roads flooded and bridges closed during the height of the storm.

Drier Conditions Forecast Next Week

While showers are expected in western coastal areas today, drier and brighter weather is forecast for eastern England. No further weather warnings are currently in place.

Dryer conditions across the UK are expected through next week, potentially allowing flooded areas to recover. But dozens of warnings show risks remain high after an exceptionally wet February.

Warnings Across South and East England

Flood warnings are still active from Surrey to Lincolnshire and along coastal areas like Tenby in Wales. Conditions remain concerning with rivers high and ground saturated.

Experts urge those in warning areas to take steps to protect property and avoid flooded roads. More wet weather could quickly overwhelm drainage and defenses.

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