Rishi Sunak Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations Against Tory MP

Rishi Sunak Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations Against Tory MP

The Prime Minister has spoken out about serious anonymous allegations of rape against a Conservative MP. While urging anyone with evidence to go to the police, Sunak said he could not comment specifically on an ongoing investigation.

The allegations come after Jake Berry, former Tory chairman, sent a letter to the police detailing claims of sexual assault that were known to the party. Berry was alarmed to learn the party had quietly paid for treatment for one of the MP’s alleged victims.

Background on the Allegations

According to a report in the Mail on Sunday, Berry’s letter revealed multiple allegations had been made against the unnamed MP. Despite knowledge of the claims, the party took little action, enabling the MP to continue reoffending.

Berry wrote the letter jointly with former chief whip Wendy Morton, another MP, and a Downing Street official. They accused others in the party of failing to act on the allegations.

Sunak’s Careful Response

When asked about the claims during a visit to Norfolk, Sunak responded:

“These are very serious, anonymous allegations. It may be that they allude to something that is already the subject of a live police investigation, so I hope you understand it wouldn’t be right for me to comment on that further specifically.”

While avoiding specifics, Sunak described the allegations as “very serious” and said anyone with evidence of criminal acts should contact the police.

Tories Claim ‘Zero Tolerance’

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden stated the Conservative Party has a zero tolerance policy toward sexual misconduct.

Appearing on Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips, Dowden said the “vast majority” of MPs are dedicated public servants. He agreed that serious allegations warrant robust action and again advised going to the police.

When pressed about repeated Westminster scandals, Dowden denied a wider problem in Parliament. He reiterated that a small number of cases should be handled through proper channels.

Impact on the Conservative Party

The allegations come at a sensitive time for Sunak and the Tories. Sunak took over from the scandal-plagued Boris Johnson just weeks ago, promising integrity and stability.

While Sunak himself remains personally untarnished, scandals like this undermine his pledge to lead with probity. It also fuels the perception that Tory MPs operate under a different set of rules.

The party hopes to put chaos behind it and rebuild credibility with voters. But episodes like this rape allegation threaten that mission.

It places Sunak in an awkward position. While he likely wants to project zero tolerance, he must avoid prejudging an active police matter. His careful response attempted to strike that balance.

Going forward, Sunak will surely aim to distance himself from any more damaging revelations. But he may find separating the current party from its recent past is easier said than done.

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