Heartwarming No-Shave November Moments We’re Thankful For

Heartwarming No-Shave November Moments We're Thankful For

Once again for No-Shave November, we’re giving thanks for beautifully bearded panty melters burning up the Internet with their good looks, God-given talent, and flourishing follicles.

Source: BERTRAND GUAY /AFP/ Taylor Hill/ FilmMagic/ Joe Maher/ BFC/ Getty

As the No-Shave November season continues, men worldwide are participating in Movember to raise cancer awareness by encouraging men to embrace the facial hair that many cancer patients lose.

For 30 days embracing beards reaches a fever pitch each year, but we celebrate the glory of them all year.

With that in mind, we’d be remiss not to share some of our favorite fellas sizzling skivvies and doing so while sporting beards.

See some No-Shave November panty melters we’re thankful for this holiday season.

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