Shocking: LA model found dead in refrigerator with wrists, ankles bound


Maleesa Mooney’s family contacted the Los Angeles Police Department on September 10th to perform a welfare check, after not hearing from her for over 24 hours, which was unusual. An officer responded to her apartment at the Bunker Hill Towers, but could not make contact with Mooney and left a card at her door. That same day, text messages from Mooney’s phone changed color, indicating her phone may have been accessed by someone else.


On September 12th, when building management let police into Mooney’s apartment, she was found wedged inside a refrigerator, with blood outside it. A gag made of clothing was stuffed in her mouth, and other items covered her head. Electrical cords and clothes were used to bind her extremities. The night before Mooney went silent, she had friends over at her new apartment where she had moved a month prior.

Mooney died from blunt force trauma, evidenced by abrasions, lacerations and contusions concentrated around her head and spreading to her body and limbs. One of her ribs was also fractured. Though none of the injuries were immediately life-threatening, the examiner noted she was likely involved in a violent physical altercation that led to her death.

Suffocation may have also played a role, and while cocaine was found in her system, the role of drugs is uncertain. No direct strangulation marks were observed. Her manner of death was ruled as homicidal violence.

As of now, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been publicly identified in relation to Maleesa Mooney’s death. She was found stuffed inside her refrigerator with bindings and a gag in her mouth approximately two days after her family last heard from her and reported her missing to the police. The LAPD investigation into her homicide remains ongoing.

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