Horrific Ambush in Tampa Bay: Man Deliberately Plows Car into Police Officers, Leaving Two Critically Injured

Horrific Ambush in Tampa Bay: Man Deliberately Plows Car into Police Officers, Leaving Two Critically Injured

Horrific Ambush Unfolds in Tampa Bay

In a shocking turn of events, two police officers in Tampa Bay, Florida, were critically injured when a man, identified as Ralph Bouzy, deliberately targeted them with his car. The incident, described as an “ambush” by law enforcement, occurred in the suburbs of Tampa Bay.

Disturbing Morning Ambush

The attack took place just after 8:00 a.m. in the Brandon suburbs, approximately 11 miles east of downtown Tampa Bay. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to a distress call from a woman fearing her son’s violent behavior at their home. When deputies arrived, they encountered Bouzy, 28, who was unresponsive and uncooperative.

Deliberate Attack on Deputies

After a failed attempt to communicate with Bouzy, he abruptly left the scene, only to return approximately 15 minutes later. In a deliberate act of aggression, Bouzy accelerated his vehicle, ambushing Corporal Carlos Brito, 39, and Deputy Manuel Santos, 31, who were standing outside their marked patrol SUV.

Critical Injuries and Immediate Response

The collision left both officers with serious, critical injuries, and they are currently receiving treatment at Tampa General Hospital. Sheriff Chad Chronister expressed his outrage, describing the incident as a blatant ambush. Corporal Brito, with the HCSO since 2013, and Deputy Santos, who joined in 2019, came to work with a commitment to their community, their lives forever changed by this intentional act of violence.

Arrest and Criminal History

Following the collision, Bouzy exited his vehicle and was confronted by two other deputies on site. After refusing law enforcement commands, a taser was deployed, leading to his arrest. Bouzy, with a history of three felonies and 14 misdemeanors, now faces three charges of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer in connection with this horrific incident.

Ongoing Investigation and Potential Charges

The investigation into the collision is still active, with authorities considering additional charges. Stay tuned for updates on this distressing event that has shaken the Tampa Bay community and left law enforcement grappling with the aftermath of a targeted ambush.

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