Justice Delayed: Ex-Georgia DA Jackie Johnson and the Ahmaud Arbery Case

Justice Delayed: Ex-Georgia DA Jackie Johnson and the Ahmaud Arbery Case

Ahmaud Arbery’s murder at the hands of Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan might have never been solved if the community allowed the case to fall by the wayside. The case would likely have been solved sooner if former District Attorney Jackie Johnson hadn’t tried “allegedly” to cover it up.

Don’t ever let these soulless white folks nor self-hating negroes ever convince you that systemic racism isn’t a real thing.

In the wake of the facts coming to light, Johnson was indicted for obstructing a police investigation and violating her oath office. For those who don’t remember or are unaware, After murdering Arbery in cold blood, Greg McMichael called his former boss Johnson sixteen times according to phone records in order to get the system on his side before things got sticky in court. Johnson would eventually recuse herself from the case and her prosecutorial colleague George Barnhill also had to recuse himself after it was revealed that Johnson gave him the case so that he could rule the shooting as “self-defense”.

According to a new report in Action News Jax, the Arbery family wants to know why Johnson hasn’t faced a jury of her peers yet to answer for her egregious crimes. The last time Jackie Johnson appeared in court was to answer for her indictment in September of 2021. She had a court hearing in December 2022 where she pleaded not guilty but waived her right to appear. In speaking to Marcus Arbery Sr., Ahmaud’s father, he says the pain that he and his family feel is still very intense, “We struggle every day, especially come holiday time.”

ANJ says they contacted the Office of the Attorney General helmed by Chris Carr and received the following response:

“This case remains open. The defendant had previously waived arraignment and pleaded not guilty. A December 2022 hearing was continued. Specifically, the continuance was requested by the defense due to a conflict on their part. A new date for this hearing has not been set. Beyond that, while we cannot comment on specific points related to this case, we can note generally that court proceedings take varying periods of time depending on a host of factors, including the case load of the courts, judges and lawyers. We remain fully prepared to present our case in court, and we look forward to the opportunity to do so. Our goal is to secure maximum justice for Ahmaud Arbery and his family, and we have never stopped fighting for them.”

This woman nor the attorney general’s officer deserves the benefit of the doubt. It appears that that they are slow-dragging this case in hopes that it falls by the way side just like Ahmaud’s murder might have.

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